Current Projects

Using tropical coral barium isotopes to study variability of the Indonesian Throughflow

In progress, check back for more info!


Constraining bottom water oxygenation of the Indian Ocean sector of the Southern Ocean


On November 4th, 2018 I set sail to the Southern Indian Ocean aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson as a part of the CROCCA-2S (Coring to Reconstruct Ocean Currents and Carbon dioxide Across 2 Seas) research cruise. Check out the cruise blog to follow along as we collect sediment cores and water samples for our study of the glacial Southern Ocean.

Recent projects

Investigating forcings of South Atlantic subsurface warming during periods of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) collapse

H. elegans

Modeling studies suggest that a weakening or even shutdown of AMOC could result in a large scale redistribution of heat, with impacts on surface climate. However, the absence of reliable records of intermediate and mid-depth temperature from key regions has limited our ability to test these models. During my postdoc with Dr. Delia Oppo at WHOI, I developed records of temperature for South Atlantic intermediate and mid-depth waters using Mg/Li ratios of the aragonitic foraminifera Hoeglundina elegans.


Understanding deglacial carbon storage in Eastern Equatorial Pacific (EEP) mid-depth waters

The focus of my graduate research with Dr. Bob Thunell at the University of South Carolina was understanding the transfer of carbon between the oceans and atmosphere during periods of rapid climate change. I focused on the last deglaciation (~10,000- 18,000 yrs ago) as it is recent enough to trace carbon sources using radiocarbon and reIMG_0014cords for this period can be of sufficiently high resolution to study rapid climate changes occurring over several hundred to several thousand years. I used a combination of foraminiferal radiocarbon, trace element, and isotopic studies of past ocean chemistry to understand the roles of carbonate compensation and meridional overturning circulation in the glacial-interglacial transfer of CO2 between the oceans and atmosphere.